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Nein! - 5%

HEADTHRASHER, February 11th, 2006

From Germany this stuff arrives, I begin saying that the presentation is excellent, booklet diagrammed and printed very well, many photos, lyrics, as it must be, in main lines the art is very impressive. Should be stressed that this CD includes bonus material video. The song that opens the album is "In my thoughts" it begins with an intro of whispering voices that become undergrave yells, soon begins the song with drums and bass good polished, it seemed a Doom song but no... This does become a hybrid between the most recent Sepultura and Pantera. I mean, you already know what I am talking about. Yeeah, one more band of those that try to release a (Death?) Metal record but got a very trite Nu Metal. I am sorry guys, but you must make an effort for the next one, this leaves much to be desired. It seems to be useless to speak of each theme since all are from the same nature; the 11 songs that appear in the album have that same nasty whiff, attention! a whiff, it isn’t a totally monotonous disc either, I would not say that. I am almost sure that now they have very modern influences and see a lot of MTV. I don’t mean that the disc is totally unsuitable, don’t you misunderstand me, the disc can be very recommendable for P.O.D or Machine Head fans, but does not fulfill my expectations at all. Also there are a lot of rap touches (try the track 5, "The call"). In one word: Once upon a time there was a German Death Metal band called Agoraphobia, once upon a time there was, once upon a time…