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Exhume this! - 80%

dismember_marcin, January 14th, 2010

First of all, I really like the front cover of this demo. So simple and primitive, but cool he, he! I just like zombies, what can I do about that?

But "Premature Inhumation" demo is something more that just a zombie on a cover, it is a pure death metal worship. I cannot say anything bad about it, really! It’s been recorded in the times, when death metal was starting to get a worldwide recognition. Bands like DEATH, MORBID ANGEL, OBITUARY, AUTOPSY were ruling the underground and many new bands started to either record their demos or already came up with a full length. Anyway, death metal wasn’t infected yet by stagnation and most of the recordings had the vitality, fresh ideas and energy, which in the future has been lost for some time – at least according to some opinions. AGORAPHOBIC is an excellent example for the early death metal from Europe. The band takes as much from thrash metal and bands like PROTECTOR and MASSACRA, as from death metal classics like DEATH and POSSESSED. At the same time their songs has clear European vibe, which is present on the albums from bands like TORCHURE, early MORGOTH, ASPHYX, THANATOS...

The production on the “Premature Inhumation” demo is really good – it has the raw edge, but is clear enough and professional even for a full length. Unfortunately there are only three songs on it, what must have been a little disappointing for the tape listeners, as the B-side has got just one track, which is instrumental. “The Beast Within” is actually quite interesting, because it shows how much AGORAPHOBIA was going into the more progressive style at that time. While the other two tracks are rather standard death metal songs, this one has some intriguing ideas like keyboards, effective guitar solos, some more technical, quite thrash metal influenced riffs. And of course it is instrumental track. But personally I prefer the other songs. The opening one, “Deface the Culprit” is just smashing. All the riffs are classic and I have almost a feeling like I’ve been listening to one of the old time favourite albums. Really, the quality of AGORAPHOBIA music is undeniable. Interesting is the fact that their songs are quite long – “Premature Inhumation”, the title track, is 6 minutes long, but luckily there’s no feeling of repetition within it. The last thing I have to say about are the vocals. They’re not so usual death metal growlings, but something in between death and thrash metal style of singing, which sounds pretty original. Great demo, then!