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Worthy of tributes - 100%

Nojoch Akab, February 24th, 2012

I'm surprised that there aren't reviews for this fabulous album: The Sun of the Cursed. It should be considered one of the most significant in the history of Mexican metal and metal in general. Since the 1990s belongs to the generation of bands that caused a stir in Mexico and quickly projected to other countries, including those with oldest tradition, like the U.S., Brazil, Spain, Sweden and Norway.

From start to finish, the music is outstanding because it is uses fully creative riffs, speed, memorable melodies, and precise execution on instruments. I note the brief silences, almost imperceptible to generate excitement and pleasure, and its changes of pace to allow diversity needed to avoid falling into boredom. The voice of Lord Brave - raspy, aggressive, toned, and harmonized - is well positioned in the musical style and rhythm in the proposal. For my part, I can not highlight a song because all eleven that make up the album are high level. Give any track a try and there will not be any doubt.

These Mexicans are truly connoisseurs of metal, and I usually have this album as one of my favorite and as one that I continually hear. Well then, this is a little tribute to Agony Lords for his musical contribution.

Maybe I could criticize the band's lack of continuity in the metal scene, but that has nothing to do with the album, which I consider almost perfect in many ways.