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Melodic Death Metal made in Bosnia and Hercegovina - 85%

Invaginator, June 16th, 2007

One of the hardest working bands in Bosnia and Hercegovina, most people would say; one of the most infamous bands on the Balkan, due to the many gigs and appearances at festivals in the ex-Yu territory witnesses would say; one of the most professional live bands all would say. What's true? Everything positivie you hear about this band is true, and all the negative shit is just a bold faced lie, commented by jealous SOB's. Agonize are know all over the country, and beyond the border lines, for their Melodic Death Metal, and great live shows, full of energy, but also for their progressive work.

They have developed very much since the first demo, THE CHOSEN ONE, which was more Death/Thrash demo, than Melodic Death Metal. And in 2004 they brought out WHEN MEMORY DIES, a groundbreaking release, with 10 songs, none of less quality. The intro could also be from a Old School Death Metal band. "Dayoudie" is a typical Melo Death song - it often starts fast, getting later slower and more melodic. Agonize seem to highly influenced by ealier Melodic DM bands, like At The Gates, Dark Tranquility, but also Death. But the best is, Agonize never sound gay, like some Melodic Death Metal bands use to sound, and I hate that shit.

Agonize are a great band, with catchy songs, and great chords, and sing-along choruses. There are some very melodic parts, that completely fit into the whole concept of the CD, and the vocals of Adnan Hatic have some Chuck Schuldiner to it (he sometimes really sounds like the legendary musician). "The Bliss" starts out with an up-tempo rhythm, crushing over to a blast beat. You can also hear the great bass lines in this song. For a Melodic Death Metal release, this is one of the best ever to be released, at least on the grounds of the Balkan.