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Yet another great album by Agent Steel! - 95%

overkill67, October 18th, 2007

Once again what we have here is an intense array of thrash metal songs which have been polished to near perfection by veteran thrash/power metalers, Agent Steel. These guys have been pushing the envelope with their last few albums to include more technical compositions and a forever improved production from album to album.

Alienigma may lack a little bit of the intensity which was so prevalent on Order Of The Illuminati, but we as fans cannot deny the effectiveness of this new creation of songs from this legendary band. This album is full of hooky riffs and some stellar lead work from the disgustingly underated Bernie Versailles and Juan Garcia. Specifically Bernie, whose ability as a lead guitar player is lightyears ahead of some of the more glorified players, such as Dave Mustaine, Glen Drover, Kerry King, or Kirk Hammet. Bernie can easily play circles around these guys, yet due to better album sales, the aformentioned people always manage to grace the cover of world renowned guitar magazines...go figure.

Anyway, this album is great! The songs are overall slower this time around, but there certainly are some serious thrash breaks from time to time which could definitely rival any Exodus tempo of recent memory. There seems to me more focus on structure and the groove aspect, as oppose to the balls out speed of Omega Conspiracy or Unstoppable Force. Some people, for whatever reason, think that when a band slows down a bit, that they've sold out and lost their intensity. Well, I need to remind those individuals that if you listen to this album in its entirety, you'll soon realize that these tracks, albeit slower than much of the bands back catalogue, is still just as heavy. These tracks all have great headbanging rythms and choruses which will have you hooked from the very first listen, I guarantee it. Lyrically, this band has to, at the very least, be considered rather original. The interest that this band has with the idea’s and concepts surrounding aliens and the idea of alien life form having some parallels with God is rather interesting topic. The album is sort of like the third chapter, from which the story originally came to fruition with the Omega Conspiracy. The religious comparisons are a little more prevalent this time around, but the general idea remains the same.

The production on this album is extremely well done. Bill Metroyer, whose better known as one of the Metal Blade Records producer's has done a great job with this album. It does sound strikingly similar to some of what he did with Flotsam and Jetasm's sound. Having also handled the mixing and mastering duties, Mr. Metroyer has once again proven his worth as a reliable and capable thrash metal producer. Overall, this album is a great thrash metal album which can easily spin from beginning to end, with the listener not having to reach for the “skip track” button.
Every track is worthy to be heard, and the album only gets more interesting with each additional listen. Now if only the band will tour Canada!