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A Glimpse of what was to come for Agatus - 71%

CannibalCorpse, September 23rd, 2006

Agatus' demo "Night of the Dark Ages" was their first sign of life in the metal world.
It already shows the basic form of the sound they'd further develop on their debut full-length "Dawn of Martyrdom": generally mid-paced to fast power chord riffs with a few tremolo picked melodies here and there, as well as their typical medieval sounding folk interludes.

Since this was their first demo, the sound isn't very developed yet, the riffs do sound a bit bland at times, the vocals are less decipherable and generally a bit weaker and the drumming is not nearly as good and varied as on "Dawn of Martyrdom". The keyboard is used more often than on the debut and the bass is more audible, but not spectacular in any way. This might all seem very bad, but these are just minor quarrels I have with this demo.

It's a good first demo overall and it definitely is an important part in Agatus' history.

I recommend "Night of the Dark Ages" to all Agatus fans and Greek BM fans in general.