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Decent, nothing more, nothing less - 75%

hailmarduk666, April 15th, 2008

This is the first real listen that I have given this band. They have a more or less similar sound to many of the other bands in the symphonic genre. I put them more into the Emperor category than anything else. The vocals are extremely high, not really that much use of the clean vocals, and there are two vocalists with the exact same sound. That is annoying, only because it would be better utilization in my opinion of having a higher realm for one and a deeper, more growling sound for the other. It just seems like a waste of a singer. I guess it's because instead of using an ABAB rhyme pattern which meant they just needed to move the rest of the lyrics to the next line, they try to mash them all into one measure, which in turn forces them to use 2 vocalists that sound the same to fit it all in. It's a half-assed Dani Filth when he whelped out rediculously fast and rhyming lyrics that were reticent of Dusk and Her Embrace, and earlier. Unfortunately, they kind of over-scream the lyrics that each has to say and it ends up sounding muddled and difficult to understand at the end of the measure.

Basically the only problems with the album that I have is the lyrics, which are not very thought-provoking, don't really say anything, and don't make sense, and the use of their two singers. For example, in song number 3, Paradise Beyond, the song talks about the earth seated between the spheres....What spheres? Metaphorically speaking or what? Besides that passage, there is no other mention of spheres anywhere in the song. It seems that they stuck it in because it sounded cryptic? As if there was some hidden meaning that was to be sought out? Then the earth starts turning into a desert, where the trees are throwing their leaves into growing realms of sand, and yet there are "hidden treasures" that winds are uncovering from the soil? Uh....what? That makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

I could go on. What keeps this album rating above an 80 is the music itself, which is very well done. Obviously the content of the music is much more important than lyrical content. Who cares what they are trying to say, as long as it sounds like they wrote some cool lyrics right? I am sure there are many people that sit there and try to decipher the muddled meanings behind the lyrics...I don't get it.

Nonetheless, the album is pretty good. I enjoyed it very much, but I thought that there could have been a better effort vocally, and lyrically. I am looking forward to listening to the other albums that the Agathodaimon crew has released, but I now know that I am not going to hear another Borknagar when I pop the CD in.