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Another Glorious Chapter - 97%

Gavrius, April 15th, 2007

The first album that caught my eye and drew me to this band was their third, entitled Chapter III. Agathodaimon is a promising band which displays much originality in their music. Although one might recognize in some songs the clear influence of other bands, like the unsurpassed Dimmu Borgir, Siebenburgen and Graveworm, Agathodaimon demonstrates its own unique feel for Black Metal and, combining various influences, produces that which many seem to lack nowadays – originality and self-affirmed path in music.

The play of various vocals in the songs is great and quite refreshing. Two male vocals, one of them clearly harsh and black-like, the other more inclined to deep gothic, together paint a sombre picture in many songs. Whether it is a disheartening sense of loss, inevitable death or deep longing, this album has it all.

One of my all-time favourites is the first song entitled ‘Angel’s Funeral’. This song is, in my opinion, a little masterpiece. The words are superb, allowing the listener not to just envision the very funeral but to sink into the grim emotions as well – emotions painted on the faces of those attending the funeral. The harsh vocal dominates this song, but is cleverly replaced in the begging and just before the end by that clear male vocal. The dismal singer and the catchy melody of the song compel you from the very beginning to join that inevitable picture of this unavoidable end, to join the funeral procession.

Other songs which give rise to the quality of this album are Departure and Sacred Divinity. These two have a strong gothic feel to them. If you seek the brutality and dominance of deep and harsh vocals, Spirit Soldier and Burden of Time are songs where you can hardly go wrong.

All in all, if you value a unique band which cleverly blends the domains of symphony-black and gothic metal, then Agathodaimon and their Chapter III may be a very good choice. As always, the choice is solely up to you.