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Old School Sickness - 90%

hellhippie, June 17th, 2008

Any Agathocles fan from the early days will go to almost any lengths to get their hands on their entire discography which just seems to go on and on and on and on. This rare split with Putrid Offal (nowadays at least) is one of their early gems on both sides.

The Putrid Offal side is a heavy grinding hell of an old school slab of insane sickness. The vocals are as raw as Jan's from Agathocles and just as indecipherable but who gives a fuck really. Angry and a little bit quirky they don't disappoint on this slab. Virtually unknown with no releases except an equally as uncommon split cd with gore grind masters Exulceration these guys were total sickness in the vein of masters like early Blood and early Xysma. The production on this is the only thing wrong with it ; static filled with ultra low production almost ruins the three brilliant yet way to short gems that are present here. Their raw and brutal riffs with an offbeat drummer and a singer that spills forth total tortured moans and gut wrenching screams really needs to be heard for ones self. Many bands of the early days went the way this trio did and it's unfortunate for fans seeking out obscure little gems like this. I was fortunate enough to get this at the time of its release and let me tell you , pray for a repress!

The Agathocles side really needs no explanation does it? This band will never let their fans down (especially in the early day). They play their normal brilliant grind your face into a cheese grater style of mincecore(to quote what Jan always described the band as). This is no exception with AG's sickness spilling forth in every note. They need no description as Putrid Offal does because you have to love them if your a grind fan , right up there with early Napalm Death And Repulsion. The true greatness of them at least for this old school fan and collector is that ninety percent of the time they will show you a band you might have missed or have never heard of. Most of the time they can and do keep up with Agathocles and this is no exception at all ; both sides as well as both bands absolutely rule!