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Agathocles goes D-beat and hardcore punk - 85%

morbert, March 8th, 2008

I was possitively surpried when I first heard this album. I had almost given up on Agathocles after their inconsistent and rather sloppy "Humarrogance" album but this time the band again knew how to do exactly that which I didn't expect. They've simply recorded a hardcore punk / crustcore album. Their earlier split Ep with Vomit Fall has been a personal favorite and this time they must have though "what the hell, let's release a punk album".

The production is heavy but fortunately not too much. There's still plenty of definition in the separate instruments and the performace is suprisingly well.
Of course one could complain an album full of just these kind of songs tends to get monotone but it really is over before you even now it. They still change pace a lot on this album if you care to listen closely. Of course the tempi are mostly variations on 'being fast', but hey, it's hardcore punk and there are a lot of different kinds of fast here!

There are no real stand out tracks but if I have to name a few, the catchy opener "Bomb the Bastard" and "Who Cares" have become personal favorites. Least favorite song must be "One Sided Views" which has a Celtic Frost break (Morbid Tales) and therefor becomes somewhat annoying. There is however something to complain of course. One thing really. It's the vocals. We all know Jan had tried some different vocals on earlier records and especially his screaming punk voice worked very well on their hardcore punks songs (remember "Get Off You Ass", "Fragments of a time to come" and "Here And Now"?). On this album he mostly uses his grunting vocals and this proves to be something of a bummer. A lot more could have been done vocally on these songs. I wonder why they didn't. If they'd done so, this could have been my second favorite Agathocles album ever