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Second best AGx album - 90%

morbert, March 3rd, 2008

On “Thanks For Your Hostility” Agathocles’ best guitarist ever, Steve, had been replaced by what eventually turned out to be their second best guitarist, Matty Dupont. What set the album apart from everything they’d done before (and after) it is the over all hardcore punk feeling of it. Whereas their earlier albums had some of these songs, on “Thanks For Your Hostility” there were a lot of them, giving the album a specific character in their discography.

The albums hold some of the finest hardcore punt tunes Agathocles have written in their career. Especially “Until It Bleeds”, “Hatred Is The Cure”, “Cheers Mankind Cheers” and “Go Fucking Nihilist” have grown out to be Agathocles anthems, influencing many younger grindcore and crustcore bands which hadn’t grown up with the D-beat sound and the old Scandinavian hardcore scene in the eighties with bands like Kaaos, MOB 47 and Tampere SS.

“Thanks For Your Hostility” holds the smallest amount of grindcore and blastspeeddrums compared to their other full length albums but had an unequalled energy and reactionary atmosphere surrounding it. Even the crustcore and grindcore songs on the album had some very catchy breaks and hooks, for instance “Be Your Own God”. And don’t forget the check out the song “Try” which is extremely enjoyable and sounds very different from the rest of the album, and I’m not saying more about it. At times also some industrial sounds were heard once again, reminding the fans of the earlier “Razor Sharp Daggers” album.

The sole reason this album is not their finest album is its predecessor “Razor Sharp Daggers” which had even more diversity, a slightly lager amount of classic anthems and a better production. “Thanks For Your Hostility” easily remains their second best album and shows the band at their full musical capacity. The fact that drummer Burt Beyens had to re-record all his parts because of an technical error in an earlier stage and the fact that you’d hardly notice it if you hadn’t known it, makes the album even more impressive.