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Short, simple, and beautiful - 93%

linkavitch, August 21st, 2009

Two atmospheric tracks and some beautiful artwork are all there is to this split between Agalloch and Nest. Both tracks bring out that forest feel to them, and they both try to bring you into a trance during it too.

The Agalloch song for this split is an acoustic track titled “The Wolves of Timberline”. With the lack of vocals are drums this instrumental is entirely done with acoustic guitars. It’s a pretty basic song, one guitar plays a slow riff for the entire song, and another plays a few melodies on top of that. The song has a nice mellow atmosphere throughout, almost like a trance. Really it’s just a nice simple song for casual listening.

The Nest contribute is definitely my favorite of the two tracks on this split. The vocals are done by John Haughm and basically they’re just spoken in a low voice. There’s kind of this dead vibe going through his voice which fits nicely with the atmosphere of the song. The song has a very calm yet depressing atmosphere, with the slow drum beats and the kantele for the calming part, and the slow dead-like vocals by Haughm to add a bit of depression into the mix. The didgeridoo is the main reason how “Last Vestige of Old Joy” stands out from “The Wolves of Timberline”. Played throughout the entire track the didgeridoo creates a low drone for the background atmosphere. The kantele is the main focal point of the song but the drum beats, bass, and didgeridoo are all droning in the background for some atmosphere.

The two songs fit nicely and flow perfectly together to make this split worth owning. The hand drawn artwork for each postcard doesn’t really fit the music, but they’re both beautiful drawings. The Agalloch drawing is a calm winter night at the lake, while the Nest one is a dark forest. Anyways, fans of either band should definitely look for this or anyone who’s into acoustic atmospheric music.