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How splits should be done - 95%

YggdrasilAblaze, March 21st, 2007

This 10" Agalloch/Nest split picture disc comes with two postcards that relate to the two songs by each band. Limited to 1000 hand-numbered copies and only available on this format. "Last Vestige of Old Joy" is available on the special limited edition of Nest's "Trail of the Unwary". "The Wolves of Timberline" has only been released on this split.

"The Wolves of Timberline" is Agalloch's acoustic contribution. The instrumental piece has a lot of beauty and has a nice tone. Guitars here are well placed and flow together nicely; excellent instrumentation throughout. The song can get repetitive at times so there could be more variety.

Agalloch's own John Haughm does guest vocals on Nest's track "Last Vestige of Old Joy". Vocals are all clean using two different styles. One of them is spoken and kinda gives a cold feel, yet retains the warmness of the song. Agalloch fans will recognize both styles. The kantele playing is a nice addition, adds a good folky sound to it.

The two postcards each feature the art on the picture disc. On the opposite side some info is given and the names of each work is given. Both are down by Nest's own A. Tolonen in colored pencils, he has also done art for Agalloch and his own Nest. The work is fantastic and well done, fits well with the music.

Both songs flow and fit well together like a split should. This is a wonderful piece of work, very beautiful and warm. Those who are fans of either band will enjoy this one, and even those who aren't. I highly recommend giving this one a listen, you won't regret it.