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Great EP, needs to be longer. - 98%

Brutalicon, January 2nd, 2009

This split release really shows what both of these bands can do, these 2 tracks are very mellow, but truly amazing atmospheric pieces. Nothing short of amazing. My only real complaint here is that why release a 10” for one song per band? It should have some more material. Make it a 12” release dammit…….

The Agalloch side showcases their amazing talent for acoustic songwriting. After hearing this I definitely want to hear more of their songs in this style. The recording is done well and vinyl was a perfect format for reflecting the great tone their contribution has. This would be on a playlist for sitting in a shack in the middle of a blizzard. Lots of feeling, something a lot of bands seems to lack.

The Nest, from what I understand, has members of Agalloch in their ranks. I would say this is the lesser of the 2 tracks presented here, but still there is quality with this piece. “Last Vestige of Old Joy” seems very minimalist and I am not sure if this represents The Nest’s sound as I have only ever heard this release. Again, the tone and feeling are captured very well on vinyl, but the vocals almost remind me of chanting monks in a way, and it kind of keeps you are arm’s length, but it seems to be the point.

Fans should check this release out if they get a chance as it is pricy on eBay these days, but worth it in my opinion. The artwork fits the in the in the middle of the forest feel the one might come away with after hearing this release.