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A Solemn Journey That Will Leave You Breathless - 100%

Fear_Shining_Yrael, February 11th, 2007

The Mantle is an album that goes beyond any positive adjective you could readily apply to such a masterpiece. It is beyond a shadow of a doubt and album with no parallels or rivals. This is the most beautiful album ever recorded, and I honestly don't think there will be another this awe inspiring in many, many years. Not to seem like I'm a "deep" individual, but this album is honestly so beautiful I have trouble with expressing how incredible it is. Before my discovery of Agalloch in August of 2006 I had never felt an emotional bond with an album. But then someone sent me this, and my musical prefernces changed forever.

The Mantle is a masterpiece. There isn't much else I can say about it. Every song is an instant classic, and even the near fifteen minute epic In The Shadow Of Our Pale Companion remains a solid, atmospheric and overall tear jerking experience every time you hear it, over and over again. The instruments featured are very minimalistic, and very simple and often somewhat post-rock sounding, but composed superbly and everything supports each other, and harmonizes the atmospheric effect and then when you throw in John Haughm's raspy, blackened vocals and his very powerful clean singing voice in it, you get an affect that will literally stun you utterly speechless. The production is also very well done, and everything sounds absolutely perfect.

There are a few instrumental tracks on the album, and each is distinctly unique and seems to be a separation in the different chapters of their journey through a retrospective view of Nature. It seems to me that they have set it up so that A Celebration For The Death Of Man... is an introduction to their world with the rest of the songs only further expanding on the ideals of their holding Nature to the highest degree of reverence.

I simply do not see how some of the reviewers below gave this a failing score. In my opinion, this album can do no wrong, and Agalloch deserves high praise for creating such a beautiful work of art. Get this album, and any other albums of Agalloch that you can find. I recommend this album to everyone who likes any sub genre of metal or rock period.