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Against Evil - Fatal Assault

Fatal Indeed - 100%

BuzzsawBlade, April 28th, 2016
Written based on this version: 2015, CD, Transcending Obscurity Distribution (Digipak)

Heavy metal ain't going anywhere. These SOBs from Vishakapatnam are here to stay. Every track is oozing with pure heaviness. After a somewhat misleading opening intro, The Enemy Within comes in with uncompromising eargasmic goodness. This track bears some resemblance to Rust In Peace era Megadeth (Lucretia, anyone?). Speedbreaker is a take-no-prisoners speed metal assault. Please excuse me while I repair my dislocated neck from all that headbangin'.

Wings of Steel is heavier than yo momma and twice as sexy. This little burst of energy (just under 3 minutes long) is something outta Judas Priest's wet dreams. The bass on this track in particular - and on the album as a whole - is sheer perfection. Simple and to-the-fuckin-point.

By far, the main riff on Bulletproof is the trippiest on the album. The solo is along that fine line between angry and soulful, and fits the track well. Saving the best for last. Have fun trying to get War Hero out of your head when you're done spinning this album. Good luck. 'Nuff said.

The guitar playing on this album is something that Tipton and Downing would be proud of. The rhythm and lead complement each other just perfectly. Heavy metal isn't about showing off how fast you can play or how hard you hit the drums. It's about how well your playing fits the song. Unlike a lot of wannabe players looking to pass themselves off as virtuosos and outshining the rest of the band, these guys actually know when to SLOW THE FUCK DOWN.

The drums are typical heavy metal, mostly mid tempo, with the occasional double bass. He's fast when he needs to be, he's groovy when he needs to be. Once again, it's all about complementing the song. And this four-piece is one talented bunch of songwriters, hailing from a country that's known, not for metal, but for people dancing on the streets to Bollywood music. Easily one of the best bands in the country. [Trust me, most bands in India can't write anything of substance beyond the opening riff.]