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Raw Metalcore - 65%

Petrus_Steele, August 4th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2000, CD, Devils Head Records

Five Steps from Forever is Aftershock's first and only EP, containing literally five tracks, as the title of the record suggests. The reason why it's raw is because of the production. You thought maybe after Through the Looking Glass the production might sound the same or of the same quality it was supposed to have. Luckily, though, this EP isn't that bad... other than that awful-looking album cover. And for an unknown reason, this EP was released when the band split-up. They closed the book after Through the Looking Glass in 1999 and reopened it in 2001, followed by the release of their first and only huge compilation, Propaganda.

Constructive Deconstruction takes the cake for being the best track on the EP because of its melodies and unpredictability. It starts off very aggressive and progresses into becoming more melodic and intriguing. Same can be said for the following track, Black. The chorus alone is pretty melodic behind the vocals, yet the song itself is pretty extreme and sounds like something (at least vocally) that would eventually end up in the vocals of Killswitch Engage; specifically during the Howard Jones era. Fulfillment is another straightforward metalcore track with Killswitch Engage riffage.

The opening and closing tracks were bad. For Those of You Who Kill actually had the worst production, and while it's also the shortest track on the EP it wasn't great. The instrumental track, Displacing Inertia mostly consisted of acoustic guitar/s. It was definitely better than any other instrumental tracks the band recorded on their older full-lengths but it was also the longest (individually) and not that complementing. Best track is Constructive Deconstruction.