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Heh heh, mmmm heh heh... - 52%

Oxenkiller, August 28th, 2021
Written based on this version: 1988, 7" vinyl, Boom Shanka Records

If you could imagine lovable cartoon characters Beavis and Butthead making a band, then I'd wager this is exactly what it would sound like.

First of all, lets be totally honest here; from a musical, lyrical, and production standpoint, this really isn't very good. It's very basic three chord garage rock, maybe closest to early Motley Crue, metallically speaking, but it sounds more juvenile punk rock to me than anything else.

You have seven tracks in twelve minutes, all of them composed of very basic power chord riffs, with maybe two guitar solos on the entire record. And even then, In the track "Mister Louis" the solo is little more than a one string execution of a classic cartoon melody. And even as simple as the music is, the band is about as tight as grandma's sweat pants- you can hear the bass player being off time and hitting wrong notes pretty regularly. But hey, they were only about 15 or so when they made this (judging by the picture on the cover) so, give 'em some slack.

The songs are about classic high school freshman life: Lusting after girls, hating on jocks, hating on preppy geeks, craving junk food, bathroom humor, and wishing they were grown up enough to hang out at "The Cool Tavern." Total remedial level English 1 stuff right here. Now granted, all of this basically sucks; musically speaking, it's a long way from even decent or good. But nonetheless, listening to this does give me a bit of a smile. I could still picture Beavis and Butthead jamming these songs in front of Mister Van Driessen in the Highland High School talent show. Or, I could picture myself and a couple friends playing in a band like this when we were that age, just for the fun of it. And it's obvious that these guys clearly didn't take this very seriously, hence, neither do I, and that's essentially the whole appeal of this. Plus, crude as these songs are, a couple of them are actually kind of catchy in that "teenage garage rock band" way. "All I Want is Two" and "Mister Louis," for example, are actually relatively catchy, or at least, worth a laugh or two. Although the lyrics to "Mister Louis" (about either a teacher or an annoying nerdy classmate, only the band knows for sure) are, well, pretty retarded in a way that only 80's era teenyboppers will find funny.

For a serious music release sought after by rare vinyl collectors looking for rare undiscovered classics, this is not what you want. This EP is pretty much worthless as a serious release, but I'd say it's still worth it for mild entertainment value for one or two listens.

Worth a laugh, not much more. - 48%

Zodijackyl, March 15th, 2012

Comically terrible, but good for laugh since it only clocks in at twelve minutes.

Painfully immature teenagers, remarkably incompetent musicians, and lyrics about being a badass high school kid. It's a wonder that they managed to record this, never mind that it found its way onto vinyl in 1988. This is really at the bottom end of barely being able to play their instruments, showing up some of the notably non-practicing punk bands of the 80s in their inability to get a steady rhythm down. Their pinnacle of musicianship is a sloppy overdub of a guitar solo outlining "Mary Had A Little Lamb" in "Mr. Louis", a song that seems to be about a high school teacher.

The lyrics are more childish than Anal Cunt:
"Beth is fat, Beth is ugly, why don't you run home to your mommy and eat some cheese and salami?"

The vocal delivery ranges from shouting to shouting some more to speaking loudly. Atonal, nasal teenage shouts that you'd expect from a high school punk band. They seem genuinely angry when directing insults at a high school teacher. I suppose bashing out angry teen angst anthems is a few years ahead of their time.

For all the bad words about this (and the bad words in it), it's pretty fucking hilarious. Comedy rock, especially of the amateur, immature nature, isn't exactly the cream of the crop. The last track is a 27 second toilet joke that could have been pulled off in a third of the time or less. It's so bad that it wraps back around to good, but not very far. Take the two and a half minutes to listen to "Mr. Louis".