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Mellow, but very good - 90%

ModernPrometheus, June 1st, 2003

This is a single with a double A-side. The first one "Emphasis" is taken from the album "Decipher" and is a typical After Forever song. Lots of melody, heavy guitars and tempo changes. They chose for a song without the grunts and screams which caracterize most of After Forever's songs to aim for a bigger audience. But believe me, After Forever ISN'T Within Temptation, although they get constantly compared to eachother. After Forever is much, much better!! The second A-side is the Queen cover "Who wants to live forever". It's a collaboration with Ayreon and as you know, everything Arjen Anthony Lucassen touches turns into gold. It has lots of typical Ayreon elements: keyboards, solos and a great riff. This song is also with guest vocalist Damian Wilson, who I think has a great voice. This song more sounds like an Ayreon track featuring Floor on vocals and as much as I like the Queen version, this one is just plain better.
On to the B-sides then. "Imperfect Tenses" is an album track redone with Damian again on guest vocals. Better than the album version. Intrinsic is a balladesque song taken from the album.
This single only has mellow tracks, probably to reach an as big audience as possible, but it didn't really hit the charts. Actually that doesn't matter, as this (again) is an awesome single!