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6,66th album of Aeternus - 80%

robert_sun, November 8th, 2006

HeXaeon is Aeternus’ 6,66th album. We all know it’s not that easy to maintain the high-level after 5,66 albums, but this band once again proved that they are worth of listening, they still have the gift to write interesting songs. Of course many will disapprove that this is a fine release, but that’s their problem.

I was also skeptical at the first listenings, it wasn’t too easy to enter the feeling of the new songs and the sound was a little weird as well. But something happened (hot spell from the long and sunny summer days) and I hopped the train. If you don’t know Aeternus, imagine a dark and heavy blend between death, black and doom metal with a thick and deep sound. Imagine a huge old dense rock, which suffered heavy precipitations for a long time, but its still tough, strong and impenetrable. The guys are delivering mainly mid-tempo extreme metal, threatening (Morbid Angel influenced) death metal riffs, Black Metal moods, doom metal marchings are all present here, materialized in a solid and unique blend. They also have acoustic breaks, and the vocals are various too.

I recommend for everyone in search for dark and heavy extreme metal the 6,66th album (besides the 6 full-lengths they also have a longer EP) of these Norwegian veterans.