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How the masters began - 90%

Sacraphobic, June 6th, 2005

Holy fucking shit, I should’ve got this one sooner. I wasn’t expecting such a glorious demo from two years prior to “Beyond…”, yet my cynicism over Aeternus' consistancy has yet again been proven unfounded. There’s not even a slight feeling of primitivity or unbalanced songwriting, this is Aeternus in a nutshell; intelligent, epic and above all conceptually coherent. There’s even a lovely acoustic instrumental!

The songs don’t quite follow lyrically in the manner they do on “Beyond…”, which isn’t abnormal for an EP, but Aeternus yet again never lose sight of their goal, sailing into war with ingrained pride and honour. In fact there is very little difference between this and the debut full-length, except maybe a slight lack in subtlety, contrasting moods and daring exploration, so I’m struggling to think of anything to add.

Bottom line: This is narrative, epic, glorious DM-influenced BM that should be on every Aeternus fan’s list (and everyone else’s too).