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The beauty of ambience captured perfectly - 97%

Sacraphobic, August 20th, 2004

A blizzard is conjured, a crystal sheet penetrating the darkness, glistening with strength. The strength of your ancestors, your people, as you and they become one with the Earth. You are a warrior, and you will die honourably, at peace with yourself and with your world. You will wait for the storms.

Ah, this is a beauty - one to which I can't hope to do justice with mere words. Ambient, pulsing rhythms reminiscent of a ship rocking on stormy seas. Folk-tinged melodies vary subtly against a blanket of white noise which dominates the CD. Rhythmically driven by the drums which throb broodingly in the background. Vocals aren't prominent either - deep, lengthy growls, adding an extra layer of darkness and rhythm to the music. The album closes with a reflective Celtic tune which is very aptly named "Celtic Harp Solo", having opened with an ominous piano piece. In addition, the production is excellent.

In a way similar to the very best of Burzum and Sacramentum, Aeternus succeed at disconnecting the listener and transporting them to an unexplored world with endless possibilities.