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Aeons - A Tragic End

Soundtrack to a dystopian world - 80%

kluseba, November 14th, 2019
Written based on this version: 2019, CD, Independent (Digipak)

Aeons is a progressive metal quintet from the Isle of Man that combines technically appealing guitar play, vibrant rhythm section and a mixture of clean and harsh vocals.

This contemporary combination works best in the second half of the record and in the band's longer tunes. ''Strange Aeons'' reminds of Opeth's middle years. Desperate black metal riffs are combined with smooth psychedelic rock breakdowns. Vibrant and vivid bass guitar contrasts with droning and smooth sounds. The drums vary from complex rhythms to laid-back percussive elements. Urgent death metal vocal outbursts are intertwined with hypnotizing clean vocals. These contrasting elements work out very well thanks to smooth transitions, excellent technical execution and futuristic atmospheres.

The desperate, disharmonious and drowning closer ''Vengenace'' is another highlight with similar ingredients and opens your mind while punching your guts in regular intervals. It feels like the epic conclusion to an ambitious science-fiction soundtrack and certainly leaves a lasting impression.

Despite their undeniable qualities, the different songs still need a few spins to grow, stick and unfold perpetually. Eight songs with a total running time of more than sixty-three minutes certainly aren't easy to digest at first contact.

Aeons has the potential to become one of the most ambitious progressive melodic death metal bands. Its technical capacities are outstanding, the use of sound samples gives the music a cinematic science-fiction vibe and the quintet knows how to elaborate upon uneasy, mysterious and hypnotizing atmospheres without losing any urgency, energy and dynamics. If you like bands like Black Crown Initiate, Ne Obliviscaris and aforementioned Opeth in its middle years, you should certainly give Aeons' A Tragic End a few spins.