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The Same Ol' Song and Dance - 30%

Slasher666, December 24th, 2012

Aeon, a technical death metal band from Sweden, has released their newest album titled "Aeon's Black." Aeon fans everywhere have screamed out in pure ecstasy that this album will be the "next big thing", stating that it will be an excellent follow-up to their previous installment known as "Path of Fire." The question is: is it really? "Fire" is a structured album with a lot to give. Aeon is definitely not a band I would listen to any time soon, however I must stress that "Fire" was actually a good album and far better than any of the other albums such as "Rise to Dominate" or "Bleeding the False", which have been flawed beyond repair. To say that this new installment, that the band has to offer, is the "follow-up" is already making such a claim, can it compete? As I listen to this, all I can hear is the same stuff that Aeon has played the whole time they have been together: bashing Christ and Christian disciples, priests raping children and much more. This is nothing new, despite being the newest album that Aeon has brought to the table this year.

The 15 track album contains songs that are so predictable it hurts. The opening track titled "Still they Pray" preaches the same old bullshit from Tommy Dahlstrom and company: religion is shit and priests are a bunch of faggots. Hmm, I wonder where I heard this before (in all of their albums!!)? This carries on for each and every track, there's nothing wrong with taking a fat shit on religion at all, it's just that Aeon has done things like this forever and it's REALLY getting old. Now for some change, Dahlstrom's vocals have hit a lower pitch, which doesn't sound all that bad, but so have the guitars. The guitars are absolute garbage in the sense that they are so distorted to the point where you can't even distinguish what's being played. The solos may be melodic but that's not enough, it has a sort of a trashy death metal feel and sounds nothing like any structured album I've ever heard of.

I can talk for hours about how much Arttu Malkki sucks at drums but I'm just going to cut it short. First off, there's a reason why they got rid of him in 2002 (three years before releasing "Bleeding The False"), it's because he's just very slow and can't keep up with the band, furthermore he's just mindlessly hitting the drums in a primitive manner, there's no skill being displayed. To stress this further, Aeon should never have gotten rid of Nils Fjellstrom (now drummer for Dark Funeral, a notorious Swedish black metal band) because he was amazingly skilled, faster than Arttu and he practically carried the band through the first three albums. To get rid of a young and perfect drummer and replace him with an older and unskilled caveman is probably the stupidest move Aeon has possibly made. Speaking of which, the lyrics. There's no creativity or diversity and when Dahlstrom spits them out they just get a whole lot worse. He sings them in such a way as if they came out of some stereotypical musical film but with death growls added into it. What the fuck is this? A death metal version of the Doodlebops? There are also some instrumental tracks which are short and definitely are not needed, there's no point to them at all. It's basically 20 seconds wasted and furthermore they sound atrocious due to the imperfections of the guitars, bass and drums. Especially the drums.

To end this off, Aeon really failed to create a "follow-up" and didn't meet the expectations to get there. Everything seems unoriginal, there's nothing new at all, everything has been heard before and anything that has changed instrumentally is just wrong, distorted and extremely hard to listen to. I have to give this album some points for effort but no more than that. My advice would be to not buy this and, instead, invest in better music and a better band because this does not make the cut and should just be dropped immediately. I don't know why Metal Blade chose to sign these guys in the first place because, as far as I see it, this band just doesn't have what it takes to make it big due to lack of everything.