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Stellar Master Elite - 95%

dase1943, March 23rd, 2014

Aenaon are definitely an innovative band! Their new album “Extance” is an amazing release of world class. The members, coming from central Greece, created a colossus that will be remembered as a monument in Greek metal music. Their progressive black metal gives you the idea of it as being the evolution of a vision that humbly exists behind the curtains for years and now shines through Aenaon.

Their influences reflect the progress of black metal: Solefald, Enslaved, the insanely inspired Dodheisgard, Sigh and the progressive group from the creator of Emperor Ihsahn, are some of the pioneers of the monolithic movement that, once being a standard in style, today comes to change everything in the metal horizon. The traditional progressive metal keeps progressing on a slow pace, as most changes now come from elsewhere… The album from Aenaon bears this change and redefines the term “progressive”, something that, from a very unique style of music played by world class experimental players, became staple and full of wasted mimicry to create instant impressions.

The ace in the band’s sleeve is their full gnosis of the sound they serve (progressive black metal/ avant-garde metal) as well as the extreme sound in general, combined with a high playing ability. Having this as a base, they are not afraid to pump the songs with layers of sound and ideas. The listener can hear the best elements of prog black metal march, with most influences coming from the big Norwegian bands. The riffology of Ved Buens Ende/Virus, as well as of Thorns and modern Mayhem, is here. They are also greatly influenced by Shining, inviting guest musicians on cello, sax and harmonica. That being said, melody is certainly nothing to come second. For example, some guitar solos have a rock vibe on them. This whole sound orgy shows that the creators of the band have a huge spherical knowledge of progressive music all around.

The album is flooded with ideas, inspiration and an aura of creativity. Aenaon managed to enhance their sound with elements from various genres, rather successfully and with pure mastery. They achieve a multidimensional style, with a jazzy vibe and supreme technique. In its 66 minutes, “Extance” is an adventurous and exciting album with extreme depth, making each listening to reveal something new and different. Just give yourselves to it.