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Endless, Chaotic & Multilayered - 90%

dase1943, November 6th, 2013

After 2 successful EP releases and after several years, Aenaon's first full length album comes to blow like a bomb into the greek metal scene and prove that the waiting period was not in vain. 10 tracks with a total duration of 53 minutes and the band strikes from the first few seconds of the intro "Kafkasque".

Even though the saxophone at the beginning made me think of Ihsahn, that thought quickly faded away and was replaced by admiration for a true masterpiece. It makes no sense to talk about influences as all artists have their influences but Aenaon managed to find their own path in music and follow their instincts, creating something that I personally didn't ever except to hear from a greek black metal band.

The melodies are endless, special and enjoyable. The complexity of the orchestrations is creating such special atmosphere that manages to keep your attention until the end. Many rich guitar riffs, nice and meaningful solos, dark atmospheres and vocals of all styles.

Aenaon isn't your typical black metal band and it's definitely unlike anything you've listened to so far. They belong to the wider genre of avant garde experimental black metal, but their compositions are so psycho, so technical and with so many jazz references you just listen to it with your mouth gaping wide open. Truth be told, however, this isn't the kind of music that can be easily digested by many people, it requires openmindedness, because the songs on "Cendres et Sang" are so chaotic and multilayered...

They combine stunningly old school and epic black metal with modern elements and more importantly… as you listen to the album you'll start wondering "how much better can be done?" Magically Aenaon prove that they can do even better! This is how after a lot of days you come to realize that you have already listened to this album over and over again. Without exaggeration "Cendres et Sang" is one of the best greek black metal releases. Buy it. Simple.