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Take the Small Victory, Run… and Hide - 65%

bayern, September 16th, 2020

I bet you haven’t heard of these hooligans from Vancouver… ha, you haven’t, I know, but let me tell you what they did, in the summer of 69… sorry, 88: they got together for a noisy jam session, these five youngsters, and stitched an inspired but rough-around-the-edges thrashcore affair.

Kudos to that, especially when I tell you that their only full-length was quite close in spirit to the early works of D.R.I. and Broken Bones, and also to Suicidal Tendencies’ first showing. In other words, this is stuff that is very high on energy but not very long on musicianship the guys moshing with passion, trying to win it all with this only stint which lays to waste everything in sight with the hyper-moshing "Wasted Life". The good old punk has somehow survived the previous assault and emerges almost unscathed on "The Jester", a carefree jolly hymn made even more rousing by the absolutely hilarious tale-telling full-on declamatory vocals. The guy simply recites with an articulate semi-detached timbre, recalling a stand-up comedian in action, completely unperturbed by the falling bombs around him some of which ("Destinized", "No More Wars") are very close to tumbling into pure vehement hardcore, speedy unrelenting cuts played with as little sophistication as possible. And then, all of a sudden, the guys turn to preachers with "Religions for Sale", a surprisingly technical piece with jumpy not very predictable rhythms. An isolated occurrence? Absolutely, although there’s this raw quasi-progressive charm exuded from the more controlled stomper "Metaphysics".

The production is also subject to criticism, the album coming with this noisy garage-like sound quality, but if it’s street credibility that that the guys were looking for then no complaints, all good… bring the noise, bring the core, bring the thrash… the latter, truth be told, is more of an innocent bystander than an active participant as the band’s desire to bash with passion is hard to disguise, and it by no means needs any lofty musicalities. So these lads came, they saw… did they conquer anything, though? Not quite sure here; but even if they didn’t, they sure as hell didn’t lose… a moshing beat.