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Adventus > Алый рассвет > Reviews
Adventus - Алый рассвет

How patient you think you are? - 36%

TitaniumNK, January 5th, 2013

Big exercise in patience. That's probably the shortest way to describe this album. Try listening to this without pressing the pause or stop button. Or without throwing the whole player through the window. Or without committing suicide.

You might be wondering: ''What the fuck, dude? That bad?''. Yeah, that bad.

Алый рассвет is simply the most uninspired album I've heard in a long, long time. No, wait, scratch that, uninspiring suits better, because after you listen to this you feel like stampede of mad buffalos ran across you. That's not what I want out of a heavy metal album. That's not what I want out of anything.

Ever since the dawn of heavy metal, since the fathers of the genre graced us with this splendid genre of music, the principle for making a straight-forward, no-bullshit heavy metal is simple. Write kickass riffs. Don't complicate things too much if you're not capable of doing so. Deliver your passion to the listener. Make him feel the same. Make him feel united in power that heavy metal carries.

And now, let's see, how many of these tasks did Adventus fulfill?

None. Not a single one. First, and most important, the riffs. The basis of every true (not trve, mind you) heavy metal band, even more than a basis. They should be heavy, they should slash and they should stick in your mind. On the whole 8-songed album, Adventus managed to nail circa... one good riff. That's right, only one, and that would be the opening riff of the title track, that sequels on the melody from intro. The rest is plain, boring and totally forgettable, because of another significant aspect of Adventus's music, and that would be...

... The progression of riffs. Or, precisely, the failed attempt of it. Musical ideas you put in a song must flow smoothly, must be fluent, and must be complementary to each other. Must sound like an indivisible whole. The reason I'm throwing in all these big words is this - Adventus can't do it. And it's lethal. The song begins, it kicks off with a semi-decent riff, but as soon as Mikhail Belyakov starts to sing, they throw in some quasi-progressive chugging, accompanied with bass drum beats. These changes in rhythm are done absolutely amateurish, and they totally ruin it all. It feels as if you're trying to climb a mountain, but as soon as you start to climb something grabs your legs and pulls you down. Every. Single. Time. The consequence of this is that Алый рассвет is an incredibly tiring piece of music, almost unbearable in the long run. Like I said many times before, if you're not good in writing progressive music, don't do it. Although, honestly, this has got nothing to do with progressive music, but with songwriting skills. Whether Adventus has got them or not, that is the question now.

I'm pretty damn sure that Adventus's members have got passion for heavy metal, but strike me with a hammer if they managed to deliver it to us listeners. Not only because of the unfortunate song structure, but also because of the overall lack of inspiration. The vocalist Mikhail Belyakov is reciting his lyrics almost all the time, and the guitarists have put in a couple of good solos, but nothing more. The drummer Ilya Martinov is undoubtedly the brightest point of this album, but he did a lot of unnecessary bass and tom beats that slow down the music, instead of keeping it in motion. Still, a fine and skilled drummer.

I just don't know what song could I recommend, or single out as a highlight. There are some good moments in almost all of them, but that good moments are overshadowed by greater amount of bad. Let's just say that the title track and ''Закрой глаза'' are passable, and ''Intro'' is excellent, really calm and moody. Ha, the intro is the best song on the whole album. Everything is as clear as day.

To answer the question from the first paragraph, I managed to sit through this album without stopping it or pausing. Four times. So it looks like I've reached the eastern sage level of patience. Either that, or Алый рассвет stroke me dead. Avoid at all costs.