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Very half-assed effort by both - 51%

Noktorn, March 27th, 2010

You know, I really like the way Blaspherian opens tracks but not so much what happens when the song really begins when the vocals kick in. 'To Walk The Path Of Unrighteousness' has a phenomenal opening minute; the slowly unfolding riffs have a great pacing to them in the NYDM tradition, but then the vocals pop up, a blast beat kicks in, and all that buildup is wrecked and the song never really recovers from it. It seems that Blaspherian is a band very impatient to get to the most 'aggressive' parts of their music, but I think they're at their best when doing their oldschool brand of doom-laden death metal and eschewing the blasts and tremolo riffs almost entirely. To their credit, I think this track is a lot better than their contribution to the later 7" they did with Evil Incarnate, but so far Blaspherian just hasn't reached their potential for me.

Adumus is about as plain as black metal gets: melodic, vikingish riffs, howling vocals, a folk-style pace opening the track later moving into more Nordic, blasting territory- it's pretty much everything that modern black metal is today and as such has no personality of its own. Adumus is one of those bands that sounds like every other band and no one in particular at the same time; it's simply 'black metal' with nothing else behind it. Yeah, 'Maelstrom' is listenable- the riffs are occasionally charming, like the little lead guitar versus rhythm interplay that pops up later in the track, but why would you want to? You've heard black metal before, right?

Blaspherian wins out here but really neither track is anywhere near essential. I don't doubt that either band could do something with the talent they have, but it's not really evidenced on this record.