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Now this is interesting. - 87%

ScaryEd, November 7th, 2006

Here, we have a band, consisting of members from the Finnish death metal band, Demigod. On this album, Adramelech's full-length debut, we hear very similar qualities to the fore-mentioned Demigod. A very interesting album, mixing the black and death metal genres quite harmoniously, and subtely adding harmonics to the thick wall of riffs this album contains.

"PsychoStasia" is a very dynamic, and interesting album, that may cause the listener to actually *listen* to the album, and appreciate all the complex structures, and melodies that are quite evident here, instead of just banging your head against the wall and getting a well deserved concussion.

The music on this album, is ever changing. While staying true to the death metal genre, Adramelech intertwines slow, almost melodic riffing passages, that make "PsychoStasia" more obscure than your everyday "oldschool" death metal release. Believe me when I say, however, that this style works quite well, and still retains the feeling of a death metal album.

The bass is LOUD as fuck, and at times, seems to overpower the other instruments. Don't fret, for this allows for a flowing rhythm, that remains heavy 'till the last beat. One of the guitars will follow along with the drum beat, which is something you don't hear much of anymore. Another guitar will act as the leader, offering up the main riffs to the songs, sometimes going off into a whole new dimension. A very bizarre style to say the least.

Vocally, the album is solid. Jarkko Rantanen barks songs about religion, and mythologies, maintaining an agressiveness not always heard within the genre. Though, at times, it seems as if he is standing five feet from the microphone. Some might see this as weak production, but I see it as just another positive influence on the doomy atmosphere surrounding "PsychoStasia". The overall production is that which you would expect of a blackened-death metal band, and Adramalech captures it perfectly.

For any fans of the death, or black metal genres, try this album out. It's heavy, it's fucked up, it's original, and yet it should contain at least something that anyone could like.