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Pretty listenable if you're in the mood - 68%

Daemonlord, June 28th, 2011

Despite forming in 1993, I’d only heard of Adorned Brood’s name being mentioned on the odd occasion when discussing folksy pagan metal with people, without ever hearing any of these German folksters music before receiving this for reviewing. Noor is the band’s sixth full length album, and I must say, they’re certainly a lot heavier than I’d been expecting, whilst still managing to keep the raw folksiness in their sound.

There’s touches of various different styles of the folksy Viking styled metal here, ranging from the occasional Moonsorrow epic-ness, to the beer fueled jollity of Finntroll, back around to the traditional instrument-filled sounds that ebb from the likes of Eluveitie. With their usage of flute and pipes, the band remind me of the likes of Velimor at times too, which is always a bonus as they’re one of the bands that can pull that style of sound off best. Adorned Brood are also seemingly gifted with the ability of having a good ear for melody in their chugging, rhythmic riffs, as even after the 2nd spin of this album I found myself recognizing and humming along to some parts of the album. The occasional usage of soothing female vocals away from the lead vocalist adds an extra side to the music again, especially pleasing during the bands more gentle musical passages. Plus, checking out her picture in the album’s booklet… you probably would if you know what I mean…

All in all, this is a pleasantly solid release from a stalwart of the scene. Whilst I wasn’t utterly shocked or blown away by the band’s music to want to go out and hunt down all their other releases immediately, I’m certainly enjoying it enough for it to find its way on to my regular play list. Though, it could’ve done without the cheesy cover of “Drunken Sailor” at the end though. Good stuff anyway!

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