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Adder's Fork - The Individualist

Adder's Fork - The Individualist - 95%

woodland prattler, December 10th, 2018
Written based on this version: 2018, CD, Independent

Multi-Instrumentalist Marko Kofler has presented us with a new Adder's Fork EP titled "The Individualist". Having become a fan with Adder's Fork album "A Farewell To Expectations" I was eagerly awaiting new material from this talented Musician.

The first thing I noticed on this new EP was the professional sounding production. Don't get me wrong, "A Farewell To Expectations" was very well produced, but like any artist honing their craft, you always try to improve and make better. "The Individualist" is crisp and clear and the mix is very good. everything is heard, but nothing is over-bearing.

The second thing I noticed was a more refined and distinct sound. You can still hear the influences, but they are subtler. This leads to a more defined and unique sound that is definitively Adder's Fork. The Gothic feel is ever present, but now it's layered in atmosphere. The new wave influence is blended nicely with the songs. The album comes across more progressive then any other defined genre.

I feel Marko has sharpened his song-writing skills and the album flows well because of this. "The Individualist" is a natural progression from "A Farewell To Arms" and a welcome one at that. "The Individualist" starts slow with a nice bouncy bass riff and atmospheric orchestration and progressively builds with each song into darker and melancholic territory.

Adder's Fork have always been about melody and we are treated to plenty of it here. The songs are memorable and the hooks are enticing. Marko lets the songs build using his arsenal of musical styles from Goth to rock to hints of black metal. And on "The Individualist" these styles are so well crafted that they don't readily jump out at you. This is an album that is enjoyable from the first listen and gets better with each consecutive spin.

Marko's vocals have improved as well. Both in style and the production quality. His deep Gothic timber is clearer, but his range seems broader and smooth.

Adder's Fork have taken the ideas and influences of their debut album and have molded them into a more coherent and definitive sound. "The Individualist" is just that, a unique album that stands out in this vast metal crowd.