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Adder's Fork - The Fatalist

Adder's Fork - The Fatalist - 95%

woodland prattler, December 27th, 2020

Adder's Fork have been honing a unique sound of gothic, new wave and heavy metal. With each new release, the lines get blurred. "The Fatalist" is no different. Musically, this album has a very airy gothic vibe. My initial impression was of more atmosphere and a less aggressive sound then some of the previous albums. Although, standout track "Failures Grin and Fears Remain" has a killer guitar riff with quite a bit of bite.

Don't get me wrong, this is very much a metal album, and the atmosphere is brooding. It's just that there is an airiness throughout it that dulls the edge of even the more aggressive elements. It's not a bad thing. Think of atmosherphic black metal, but with heavy metal riffing. The sound is cavernous and though you may not get pummeled by it, it does weigh on you with dark melancholy and haunting melodies.

The album kicks off with a new wavy guitar line that leads into an atmospheric heavy metal tune. Marko's vocals enhance the goth vibe which gives the opening title track a foreboding feel. An interesting mix seeing as the song takes on Maidenesque qualities, especially midway with the guitar work.

"Herald's Curse" offers up a darker mystique with heavy gothic overtones. There is a sadness in the riffs and the solos are haunting with a hint of hope. This leaves us a little unprepared for the ferocious assault of "Failures Grin and Fears Remain". This song is the exception as it tears into you with a heavy galloping riff. This song is vicious and fast, yet retains a strong sense of melody. The album closes out with "Yesterday's Favourite" featuring guest guitarist Patrick Mühlburger. This song is a slow burning gothic ballad, haunting and dark . The song builds by intricately weaving layers of guitars into some sweeping melodies. Complex without being progressive.

The production is great, I feel Adder's Fork accomplished geting the mood and atmosphere with this release. The music has a traditional heavy metal style especially with the guitar work. However, with the brooding feel of the production and Marko's deep gothic vocals, "The Fatalist" has a unique sound With each new Adder's Fork release there is a familiarity and yet he still brings something new and fresh to the music.