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Adder's Fork - The Fatalist

Fatal Hands - 80%

Sweetie, March 16th, 2021

For something that seems to be a pretty early work in the making, Adder's Fork makes a solid brand of music fitting for those into the post-punk styles as well as traditional metal. The EP The Fatalist is a quick and sweet taste of this, bringing four songs that tend to start on a clean and sonic note toned down to a sadder vibe. As they all progress, they slowly let the metal riffing in gradually, rather than doing front-loaded heavy punches from the gate.

Opening on the title track, the bass guitar is utilized to create a firm foundation underneath the general cooler sounds. The heaviness comes in at the perfect time, coating it with soft vocals that sit nicely in a heavier pool. "Herald's Curse" on the other hand keeps things down for the majority of the run, only letting in distorted wails for melancholic effect rather than aggression. It's neat though; the little bit of vocal work passes through with a different aura, before closing on a solid Dokken-like riff under a gothic, Joy Division type guise.

The second half of The Fatalist is the opposite, holding onto the same vibes but starting with metal riffs to stand apart from the rest. The progressions in speed with the darker undertow are quite neat, but the vocals add in a hint of fear to the mix. Even the drums size themselves up for the ending of this, potentially being the most epic/intense part of the EP. Closer "Yesterday's Favourite" falls back into the patterns of the first two songs, queuing in somber high note-taps to lead us in. This one is admittedly a bit more of a dragger than the others, but serviceable enough.

Metal die-hards are gonna hate this. If you're a firm hater of anything Idle Hands, Ghost, Haunt, or Vexing Hex, stay far away. However if these softee tamperings mixed with hard riffing strike your fancy, I say you've reached your stop.