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Symphonic yet very heavy metal - 88%

Manu_SwordMaster, July 30th, 2003

I bought this album because I love everything related to symphonic music and metal...
Definetely after Rhapsody, this is the best mixture between orchestral arrangement and metal... This is even much more heavy...
What I think it is lacking is some big choir... I don't know why this is missing, considering all the classical composers influences of Stephan Forte...
Anyway... it can turn a little bit boring sometimes. And if you don't like long soloing and instrumental parts, then you will find this very boring.

Another strange thing is the lyrics, which are hard to understand for example:
"They ve insidiously concealed the truth
Ostensibly in the cause of Equality:
We ve been coaxed into lethal apathy,
Desperately clinging to an abject safety."
Don't ask how he sing this....

Its very good music, and even can please some narrowminded metallers as it may be heavy enough for them. All the musicians are first class, and the result is very good. The only drawbacks are that it may become a little bit boring at times, and that it should be a little bit more verstile since the sound doesn't change much through the album, (and having so many instruments at their disposition, they should variate the sound a little bit more)...