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cloning prog bands doesn't work - 60%

Cedric, November 30th, 2004

First off, I’d like to say I don’t know anything about this band, and am reviewing this album while I hear it. From what I gathered from reviews they are a classical/heavy metal hybrid. This usually does not really appeal to me, but I did hear from people they are a little above average than the usual Symphony X or Malmsteen clone.

Hmm, while listening to this, their chops do show, but again, this is another Symphony X clone. Now I actually like some of SX’s work, but that doesn’t make a clone just as good. The vocals are just a French version of Russel’s vocal talent. The solo is another typical show-off solo, with no real inspiration and much arpeggios. These guys do seem to have a crunchier and more aggressive guitar sound, which is usually ignored by most other power metal bands. The keys are oppressive and always present usually playing the key either with strings or pad sounds, and overlaying with harpsichord.

There is nothing really exciting about this band. It has everything to be successful as a “prog” band, choppy rhythms, keys, overly done vocals, and “epic” song structures. There are some parts which can be interesting, with some interesting piano, but this is background music in this stage of metal history.