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Totalitarian - 80%

danthaal, July 10th, 2005

Another release by the French misanthropist, Kaiser Wodhanaz. ...For a new world does not break any new ground or present anything new to black metal. Wodhanaz even boasts in the booklet that this album was conjured in only a few hours. This is purely for fans of fast, brutal, and raw black metal. Unlike many other black metal bands that play along these lines, Ad Hominem has a great production, but is dirtied just enough to present the traditional black metal grit and give the sound just that bit more hate.

The album kicks off with a rather standard synthetic black metal intro, before the track Nuclear Black Metal Kampf kicks off with it's blistering thrashing black metal riffs. The following tracks proceed in the same fashion until the album reaches Arbeit Macht Tot, where a few guitar grooves start to emerge. The next song, The Dithyramb of Sadism has probably the most memorable guitar grooves and phrases on the entire album. So far the only let down is that the album isn't as blatent in its hatred as Ad Hominem was back on Planet Zog. That is ofcourse until track 7. S. the Pope, with its half minded lyrics and thrashing black metal goodness, this track alone reminds us exactly what Ad Hominem is all about, even has the occassional groove thrown in for good measure.

...For a new world isn't exactly for everyone or any kind of must have, but it is deffinately for fans of this genre.