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Snapshot of the Dutch underground ca 1990 - 95%

morbert, November 27th, 2019

Older bands like Pestilence, Asphyx, Thanatos and such were already releasing albums. 'Where Is Your God Now' - which we all used to call DSFA III back then btw - is an underground landmark. It told us exactly where the Dutch undergound was at in 1990.

What is so mindblowing about this cult-compilation is it features several huge classics. Something we can only conclude in hindsight. Of course, all these songs were also on the demos from those bands so in essence there wasn't anything really rare on it. When this album came out, some of the bands had already released the demos, others were close to it. But not all of us had all these demos. Or at least not right away. Back then you had to write a band for a demo or buy one at a gig. The only other option was taping them for eachother. But at least one in your circle of friends had to have it. Getting this album right now would be rather useless since most of the demos by these bands have been made available throughout the years on various re-releases.

Highlights are easily all bands apart Disfigure. Me and my friends, we all had this album. And we all agreed, great bands except for Disfigure. We did not understand why they were included and the band also didn't do much more than record one demo (from which two of the songs are here). Pretty harmless and under-produced middle-of-the-road death metal. Muffled grunts with too much reverb. They also forgot to tune their guitars on the opening of 'Dreadful Contact'

Onto the good stuff.

Gorefest are present with two songs from the 'Horrors in a Retarded Mind' demo which is a death metal classic. Featured here are the titletrack and also the most famous (and best) Gorefest song ever 'Confessions of a Serial Killer'

Dead Head have two songs from their 'The Festering'demo. Once again the titletrack which - in their case - is also quite possibly their best song ever written. Secondly we have 'Sawn in Two' which is reminiscent of their other classic 'I Tormentor' but has more than enough of its own character. For years this song was in my top list of favorite DeadHead songs as well.

I won't say too much about Sinister because I've never liked them but at least the demoversions of 'Compulsory Resignation' and 'Perpetual Damnation' have a much more heavy and vile underground production than their too polished debut which was released two years after this compilation.

Last but not least we have one of the most underrated dutch death metal bands from the early days: Acrostichon. They present us, surprisingly, with the worst song from their (back then not yet released) 'Dehumanized' demo namely 'Exasperation'. Worst song in this case however still means a song which I'd gladly give 8/10 points. But the icing on the cake is a re-recorded song from their first demo . 'Mentally Deficient' is one of the oldest Acrostichon songs (written even before the band was founded) We all knew the version from the 'Prologue' demo which was recorded with a different drummer. But this version was recorded during the Dehumanized sessions and with Serge on drums. This version would only be released on this compilation and the 'Lost Remembrance' 7 inch which was released in 1991.

I'd give this 100 points but have to deduct some because of the stupid decision to include Disfigure