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Monsters - 85%

morbert, August 6th, 2008

For complaints about the production, please read my review on their full length album “Sentenced”. This EP featured two songs which would later also appear on the “Sentenced” album, one track (Murder) from the D.S.F.A. 6 compilation album and a rare song (Monsters).

“Snapshot” is an extremely short but enjoyable thrashing piece of death metal. I say ‘thrashing’ because apart from the vocalist this song is more extreme thrash than it is death metal. “Murder” is loud and simple. Just a great death metal tune.

Opener “Forgotten” is one of the best songs from “Sentenced”. No wonder the band chose this one as the titel track for this E.P. Serge’s drums on this song are enjoyable and dynamic. The song isn’t very brutal as a whole but a rather eerie death metal epic.

Closing song “Monsters” is something special. The band included the theme from a horror tv-serie (I can’t remember the name) in the song (not as a sample, but played themselves). This combined with their typical groove death metal results in a song which can be considered death metal but has a very happy and comical touch to it. I recall this song being really great live.

Nice detail is that this EP features new guiatrist Michel Meeuwissen but at least two of the songs were written by previous guitarist Richard (Forgotten & Snapshot). The songs “Forgotten” and “Monsters” weren’t really ‘new’ tracks when this EP came out. The band had been playing these tunes live since the release of their debut album(!)

Now if your have “Sentenced” and the DSFA-6 sampler (which also contains the very rare Acrostichon song “Day Of Wreckening”) the song “Monsters” is still reason enough to get your hands on this EP if you find it somewhere for a reasonable price.