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Rolling thunder thru the vast expanse of space... - 100%

Witchcult_Reverend, July 15th, 2008

Listening to Tumuli Shroomaroom for the first time I felt transported back to a primordial time where sound came from the heavens and caused man to cower and hide. Acrimony delivers that same soul crushing sound in their approach to stoner/doom/space metal. This is not your average Sunday afternoon listening party stoner metal. This is ACRIMONY! Starting off with the sonic explosion of Hymns to the Stone this does not let up with the exception of track three, Turn the Page, which to their credit is a short (minute forty five second) instrumental interlude. This reminded this listener of Sleep’s Some Grass. Half of the songs would be considered extended jams (greater than 8 minutes in length) while the rest are shorter and tighter but you are not left out on the sonic invasion. The aforementioned Hymns…, Million Year Summer, The Bud Song, and Firedance are some of the best songs ever by a group completely immersed in the stoner culture. Scratch that they are some of the best songs ever recorded. The visuals that are produced while listening to this album are truly excellent. Rarely has an album done so much so quickly for me. I wish this album would never end but at least I can always play it over again and again. While they are in the vein of Sleep and Electric Wizard they are not a copycat act in the least. They are Acrimony and they have a genuine heavy sound that may not be reproduced again in our lifetime.
Wales’ own could not find a niche in their lifetime but thankfully due to the age of the internet and re-releases by Leaf Hound records their legacy shall never die. They were the four (5 actually) horsemen of the Apocalypse waiting to unleash their fury upon the masses.