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The BEST Stoner Metal Album Ever - 100%

MoonPenatrator, January 9th, 2011

The title pretty much describes it. If you are a big stoner metal/rock fan, and have not heard this album, you have not really experienced the greatness of the genre. Tumuli Shroomaroom got me into stoner metal. This may sound like I am exaggerating, but I promise you I am not. Now, on to the review.

First of all, the atmosphere of this album is like any stoner metal band, with all that fuzzy, awesome, Blue Cheer-esque type of sound, and throw in some Cream, Led Zeppelin, and Black Sabbath influence in there. Mix that with the vocals being somewhat thrown into the background in the mix, which create the perfect stoner-y sound. All their songs on this album sound the same in this sense, but I'm not complaining. This makes the song transitions and flow the best out of any album I have ever heard. That being said there is enough variance within the songs to make it not repetitive, especially with the acoustic instrumental of "Turn the Page," which gives the listener a break for a minute, and goes back to the same fuzzy sound.

This fuzzy sound is also accompanied by the bass, which I need to use a whole paragraph to describe, because the bass makes a huge part of the album. In my favorite track, "Find the Path," the bass has the most fuzz in it, and you can notice this most in the fills when the riffs are about to build up. You can also notice this very clearly during the solo, when the bass plays a sort of melody. It's not just in this song either, it's in every single song on this album, and in the rest of Acrimony's songs, it is just the most apparent on this song.

Usually,around here, for a review, I would make a list of songs I didn't like off the album, and say "oh this song sucked because blah blah blah..." I can't do that with this album, because, well, there are absolutely no bad songs on this entire album (thus earning the 100% rating). Every song got my thumbs up to say the least.

This album is about 1 hour in length, and if you listen to the whole thing, it will feel much less than just 1 hour, because by the time the first song is done, you would have already been hypnotized, and it will seem like time had stopped. I have to say, this album gave me the most intense listening session of my life, and I was sober. For any fan of stoner metal/rock, or even just and appreciator of different kinds of metal, there is no reason not to take a good long listen to Tumuli Shroomaroom.