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Sadistic Santa Slays 'em All - 82%

Neheroth, February 28th, 2019

Acid Witch are one of the more prominent acts within the current death/doom sub-genre. Infusing the psychedelic sounds of the 60's with the Sabbath driven doom and Asphyx old school death sound of the early 90's. The band took nearly a decade hiatus from their second album Stoned, with only an EP and a few splits here in there to keep the withdrawal cravings away, until the release of their third album Evil Sound Screamers in 2017. Their sound has evolved since the early days, leaning towards a more synth-driven sound that Black Christmas Evil continues from their latest album.

"Black Christmas" opens with an eerie sample straight out of slasher flick before unleashing a torrent of acid soaked riffage, peppered with a wonderfully creepy synth melody. "Christmas Evil (You Better Watch Out!)" starts out in the same fashion, a schlocky 80's video nasty sample followed by a crushing stoner infused death riff and I especially enjoy the slower guitar bridge with the more guttural vocal style, followed by some subtle double bass kicks on the drums.

The release is entwined with the wonderful synth melodies employed by Slasher Dave and its these synth lines that have really catapulted Acid Witch into their prime, merging the horror synth sounds of John Carpenter and Goblin with psychedelic death/doom is orgasmic. The guitar and bass are left to focus on the chunkier, slower melodies that form the base of the mix, whilst the drums sit at the bottom of the mix allowing for some subtle use of slow snare patterns, combined with short and sweet double bass kicks. The vocals are superbly elected, switching back and forth between a raspy witch-esque tone to a deeper more typically death metal guttural noise, which helps keep the sound fresh.

In all Acid Witch have struck festive gold with this EP and whilst it is perhaps not as inspired as Evil Sound Screamers it is still worth listening to particularly if you are looking for more songs from their discography in a similar vein. Christmas comes with evil this year and Acid Witch are the harbingers of bloodstained sleigh bells, hallucinogenic treats and bone shattering grooves from beyond the pine tree graveyard.