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More Good Thrash from Brazil - 87%

CHRISTI_NS_ANITY8, August 13th, 2008

Any time I find a new band from Brazil from the 80s I immediately fall in love with the music. It’s impossible to resist to such good and genuine thrash metal. That country back 20 years ago ruled in thrash/death genre and aside the major exponents, we had a crowded panorama of small bands that unfortunately never reached the level they deserved.

Acid Storm are just another good band in this panorama. Their style is very similar to the one we can find in the second album by Mutilator, another great band that was soon forgotten. The production is not excellent but it’s good like this because it has inside the true underground spirit and we can feel the passion that leads this band in making truly violent compositions.

The drums intro for “Choose Live or Die” already shows us an incredibly compact band and the following “Scourge of the Gods” is devastation through more up tempo parts and sudden mid paced riffs. The galloping riffs are well done even if they doesn’t invent anything and my question is: “Who cares?”. Yes, who? When you have such a sincere music other things count nothing. Anyway, the songs structures are always quite mature and the band is very good at the tempo changes showing a good maturity level.

With “Terminator” we have no time to relax. The stop and go are devastating and the bass sound is always pounding behind the massacre by the guitars and drums. The refrain is screamed and everything seems really catchy and brutal at the same time. Sometimes they reminded me also Fuck Off band from Spain. This is thrashing metal. The guitars solos are always very good and never so raging to reach chaos. It’s a sort of controlled fury united to a sense of dark and apocalyptic melody that is reprised also by the lead and the rhythmic riffage.

“The Madness” is just a small starter for the apocalyptic, dark and dramatic atmosphere of the following title track that in few minutes flows in a long series of up tempo along with several tempo changes and more mature structure. The refrain is truly well stuck and comprehensible while the solos are again very good even if they can be seen as not technical or complex ones. The bass is always incredibly pounding and metallic and the production, despite being old fashioned, let us enjoy every single note by the instruments and the raging vocals.

“Never Renounce” is incredibly similar to the main riff of “Raining Blood” song by Slayer either during the arpeggio or the electric guitars part. Anyway, going on this song turns to be more original with new riffs and this time the vocal lines remind a lot the early Anthrax, being more melodic. The different tempos are more complex and the drumming is truly relentless in accompany the guitars. This song is perfect to end this almost unknown album that, anyway, represents another good example of sincere thrash metal from Brazil.