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Acid King - Acid King

Dirgey southern tinged sludge - 81%

TheStormIRide, January 26th, 2006

Those into downtuned, sludgy metal should look into this album. Everything about this release is right. There is definitely a NOLA or southern swamp feeling surrounding the music. The guitars have that vintage fuzzy feel, distorted at the right level. The vocals are stellar, a very dirgey southern feel to them, it actually takes a while to figure out that the singer is female if you didn't know from the beginning.

The music itself is very dirgey, ponderously slow. Opener, "Lead Paint" shows the band chugging along perfectly, all the elements of classic stoner metal intact. No frills, no show-offs, just an overall good track. The next track " Blasting Cap" definitely has a Black Sabbath-esque feeling in the music. The vocals are much more varied than on the previous track, as more pitches are explored. Once again, this is a no frills song, only one solo, and it's not a great solo, it just fits the feel of the music. "Drop" the next song on the album slows down the music even more, almost to ponderous doom metal proportions. The tempo stays the same throughout this track and another fitting solo is included. The last track, "Midway" speeds things up a bit. It also has a very catchy chorus.

The EP as a whole is very well done. Considering this is a first effort, it fits very nicely along many of the stalwarts of the dirgey stoner metal scene. Glimpses of what the band would amount to are shown on this fine debut. There's nothing really to complain about given the genre and style the band was going for. This is very recommended to fans of everything from Black Sabbath to fans of Corrosion of Conformity's newer work and the work of Fireball Ministry. A fine effort!