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Dark and Violent - 97%

ProMetal2007, February 10th, 2006

Acid Bath's Paegen Terrorism Tatics is a blend of most true types of metal. It's classified as Sludge/Doom Metal which is a good interpretation, but a big Stoner influence is also shown, no doubt. In the album they go from Doomy Sabbath material all the way to a Death Metal Sludge much which sounds a lot like extreme thrash (borderline death) with a heavy punk influence (hence the Sludge). The Doomier side of Acid Bath shows melody and good songwriting skills, songs like Bleed Me an Ocean, Dead Girl, and New Death Sensation tend to stick with you long after the listening. The lyrics are dark and depressed and give off a psychotic mood throughout the whole album, and are graphic and detailed. Dax Riggs is a very able and talented vocalist and consists of the core and soul of the album, along with the rest of the band have great chemistry.

The album starts off with Paegen Love Song, a heavy sludge/doom number that chugs along with a good chorus and sets the tone of the album. From there it gets out of contol, Bleed Me an Ocean is a classic Doom song. Dark, slow, and of course depressing. Graveflower gets a shot of melody and keeps the slow pace and doom that was used on the last song. Diäb Soulé picks things way up, one of the most extreme Sludge songs on the album. It's face paced and for the first time (and not last) we hear the harsh death metal like vocals used. Locust Spawning doesn't pussy out or get any slower, it just builds on from the last song. A great fast riff drives this one, mixed with a heavy bass backing. Old Skin is odd, like poetry, and is demented. It's weird enough to make you listen every once and awhile. New Death Sensation is one of the, if not the best song on the album. It starts out acoustically with melodic vocals, it gets out the beautiful suicidal message encoded in it. The song eventually switches from it's acoustic vibe back to electric, but keeping the pace and mood. Venus Blue leaves off where New Death Sensation stopped, but gets heavier and adds more power to it. The chorus is amazing on this song too, again showing the song writing ability of Riggs. 13 Fingers and New Corpse are heavy Sludge, almost pounding the record to a close. Before it can though, the acoustic song Dead Girl shows up and just about steals the album. The song's only about seven minutes and twenty seconds but the record keeps it on until the 24:08 mark and then we hear an odd outro, like Old Skin and it ends.

This album's great for anyone that enjoys any kind of extreme metal, who knows where these guys could of been if it wasn't for Audie Pitre passing on in that car accident. Acid Bath capture a dark and dry depressed sense, and do it almost perfectly. The two inserts (Old Skin and The Untitled Track) are really not needed but are unique in their own way, and are good for a novelty every now and then. If you like true extreme metal, then Acid Bath probably will do something for you.