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Not bad, worth my buy. - 83%

Dis, April 4th, 2005

I should start out by saying that I absolutely love Acid Bath; as such I may get a little fan boyish, if it appears that way, my apologies.

Double Live Bootleg, if you couldn’t tell by the title, is a collection of bootlegs of live footage of them, this leads to some problems which I’ll mention later on, but first the pros.

For the most part the band plays great, they’re on time, Dax sounds great. They cover a large portion of their discography in this DVD. It’s also interesting to see some of the discrepancies in their music, for example early on (Pre-Kite String) the song “The Blue” was titled “You”.

As for the cons, because these are just by what others recorded, some songs are not on and some are on quite a bit (The Blue is shown 4-5 times). Dax also does this thing where he sticks his hand in his pants during live performances a lot which got on my nerves after a while, due to how much it looks like he’s wanking (especially when he jerks his body around, which he does quite frequently.) The video quality is also poor, which can be expected of bootlegs. There’s also no way of selecting what video you want to go to right away, you have to go to the menu after the video starts.

Overall this is a DVD you’ll want to get if you’re a big fan, if not, don’t bother.