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No - 50%

Sportswear, April 4th, 2004

A release based on groove and nothing much more. Pretty fucking boring from start to finish. The whole tempo is the same while you are constantly waiting for it to pick up and go somewhere, but never really does. The drumming really is atrocious and simple. Interesting baselines here and there though I must admit. And the guitarist knocks out some classy solos. The vocals are literally a slightly more brutal version of say Slayer, but nothing great at all. Spieling about Satan this Satan that. It seems like this band are more a Satanic message rather than a class band trying to make good music. Pah, fuck that. This band can play, and I would never be surprised if they ever put something out in the future that is classy. I know that their releases get a bit better. But this is sheer boredom. This band has the tempo of a Doom band that is going too fast, with stupid solos throughout.. No, in fact, this release is utter crap. I was going to say it was cool, but just a bit boring. The more I listen, the more I yawn..

That's it really.. Don’t check it out, unless you wish to find an alternative to sleeping pills.