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Best Satanic Death Metal I've heard in a while. - 86%

The_Blackadder, November 22nd, 2007

Acheron has apparently been around since the late 80s, although this album is my first experience of the band. It is fairly obvious from viewing the album cover and the song titles, that this was going to be some pretty intense, straight up, Satanic Death Metal.

The music itself is very much riff-orientated and can best be described as very similar to Obituary, in other words, early death metal from the Florida scene of the mid to late 80's (which is actually where and when the band was formed). Although many of the songs have similarities, a trait that a large majority of Death Metal acts seem to share, the songs on this album do not end up sounding like one long song and therefore the listener doesn't lose focus after the first couple of tracks, thanks to some interesting riffs, difference in tempo, some excellent guitar solos and solid drum work on Kyle Severn's part.

The lyrics are nothing out of the ordinary for a Satanic metal act. Praising Satanism and heavily anti-Christian in nature. Although, the lyrics are well written and preached by former Reverend of the Church of Satan, Vincent Crowley.

"Rebirth..." is a considerably well executed album, containing everything you would expect from a band that has been delivering some of the best and most underrated Satanic Death metal for other the past two decades.