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Random, terminal, and quite awesome. - 86%

Spawnhorde, March 1st, 2005

Essentially, this is melodic death metal (as in death metal retaining its trademark brutality yet infused with a sense of harmony and melodicism in the riffs and lead guitar pieces) with "burping" vocals. However, I find this description to not do justice to this practically unheard of band. They're from my state, and their genre tag was interesting to me, so of course I checked them out.

The first track, the title track, starts off with a fast-paced crunchy riff and goes directly into a rendition of death metal similar to Prostitute Disfigurement, but eventually, this moment collapses and begins a huge lead guitar solo with all sorts of crazy shit and harmonics and other things bands like PxDx up there would never think to do (there are also acoustic-y clean guitar parts!! How COOL is that?). This is basically where the worth of this band comes in. Yes, they are straight death metal. But, they have more than their average worth of melody infused within everything, and good song structures to boot, making this a very fun CD to listen to and also a rewarding listen. That's not to say it's hard to listen to. Most of the sound is pretty accessible, aside from maybe people having a hard time getting into the vocals. But just picture Devourment vocals over extremely fast, hook-laden, melodic death metal.

This CD is too short, though. It suffers the same fate as many CDs in the current "br00tal deth metul" scene in that it's just very length-challenged. Had Acephalus revised their ideas, added a few extra songs (7 songs is almost inexcusable! If they weren't so good, I would surely hate this band), and drawn out their songs a bit more and added more technical complexity, I would certainly think about elevating this to a high 80 or even a low 90. Fans of Kronos check out this band.