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Melodic death with burping vocals. - 73%

PainMiseryDeath, January 30th, 2005

The metal archives has Acephalus listed as Brutal/Melodic Death Metal. While the music is certainly melodic death, only the vocal style can lay claim to being brutal. Think ultra low gutteral burping style vocals, and that would just about sum it up. It's a nifty thing because I can't name 20 other generic bands that do the same thing, yet the vocals are very repeticious. They should have hired a second vocalist.

Most of this CD is moderately faced paced, with the occasional dark and ominous slower section. One aspect I enjoy about this band is the ultra fast guitar solos. Not very long and not overly technical, but good nonetheless...a couple of the songs have more than one solo, and that's a good thing. The guitar riffs themselves are fairly interesting, if just a bit quick, or dare I say, simple. The drums are usually blasting or doing something fast. Also, the production is decent. No complaints there.

I would recemmoned checking this out. If I had the time Acephalus would land in my playlist a lot more often.